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Even though he’s better than a lot of superheroes, Deadpool was never supposed to go mainstream. Anyone who isn’t steeped in comic books doesn’t know enough about their culture — the same culture Deadpool perpetually deconstructs with his weird, fourth wall-breaking monologues. The only reason Ryan Reynolds is playing the merc with a mouth in the solo film coming out this Friday is because somebody (probably Ryan Reynolds himself) leaked test footage that was shot years ago and the internet responded so positively that Fox had to get Deadpool made.

But made Deadpool was, and it’s seemingly gotten Ryan Reynolds to think he’s a god. While speaking with FILMSTARTS, Reynolds says a movie based on X-Force, the harder-edged mutant team lead by Cyclops’ time-displaced elderly son, is his «priority». Now, making that film a reality won’t be easy — with how liberally the X-Men series adds mutants in each movie, new characters alone won’t be enough to differentiate the two franchises. Then you’ve got two similar properties out in the market, both contributing to mutant fatigue. It’d be like if Netflix released Fuller House and then the next month released Step By Step By Another Step.

The fact that Reynolds got Deadpool made and then thinks he can turn any comic book into a movie reminds me of when you let a little kid decide their own bedtime. Suddenly, they think they can make every decision for themselves — I’m eating cereal for dinner. I’m done brushing my teeth today. We’re going to visit Grandpa Peterson, not Grandpa Williams, because Grandpa Williams is a much worse grandpa.

But here’s the thing, kiddo — your parents are still in charge, and if they wanted to make an X-Force movie, they would’ve made an X-Force movie. So maybe Ryan Reynolds can just chill out with his «priorities» and keep making meta comic book wise-cracks and doing… uh… the other things we like him to do? Like… being Canadian? Fighting with Wesley Snipes?

Oof, I know I’m reaching, but Ryan Reynolds has not been in a lot of good movies. Maybe it is best for him to keep lobbying for more superhero movies — it’s something stupid to do that’ll keep him out of trouble. And that’s literally the only reason kids play soccer.


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