There’s a music video genre you didn’t know you knew, but you definitely know it. I call it «grubby love» — the colors are drab, the apartment is icky, someone’s wearing a dirty wife beater, the actors are super hot and styled perfectly but so poor they have to steal. In real life, all these scenes would seem pretty sad but because it’s shot for a music video, you think, «Ah, I want that grubby love. I want to meet a guy who doesn’t have sheets on his mattress.» Don’t believe me? Ha, read ‘em and weep.

1. «Love the Way You Lie»

A random open field!

Sparse bed!

Being on the ground/ icky apartment!

Being angry at your hot lover!

Boozin’ it/ shopping/ stealing stuff!

Makin’ out in random locations that seem kinda dreary and sad but they’re romantic because it’s a music video!

2. «We Found Love»

Being angry at your hot lover!

That sparse mattress again!

Makin’ out in random locations that are dreary and sad!

Boozin’ it!/Shopping/Stealing Stuff

Grubby looking apartment!/ Being on the ground!

A random open field!

DIY tattoos!

3. «I Knew You Were Trouble»

Being on the ground of an icky place!

Makin’ out in random places? Where are they? The balcony of a burning apartment while some random person on the left watches?

Grubby bedroom!

A random open field!

Being angry at your lover!

4. «The One That Got Away»

Grubby apartment/ is that a sparse bed? You bet it is!

Boozin’ it!

Being angry at your hot lover!

DIY tattoos!

Random open field/nature!

So there you go. Grubby love at it’s finest. Know of any more grubby love videos? There’s so many more out there! Share ‘em with me on Twitter @AndiHester!

Andi Hester
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