As I was making coffee this morning, I was thinking about everything that’s happened in pop culture since last week, and I was like, «Wow! A lot has happened in pop culture since last week!» And then my coffee machine beeped, and I was like, «what is that about?» Since when do coffee makers beep?! So weird. Anyhow, here’s what you need to know this week in the world of pop culture!

James Harden accidentally reveals Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII


NBA superstar James Harden walked into the arena for a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday wearing a cap with the logo for this fall’s Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII. The only problem? Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII hadn’t been announced yet! Poor James Harden must’ve gotten some early swag and wore it out in public a little early, ruining Activision’s big surprise.

And I totally get how he feels! I accidentally ruined this big surprise party my friends planned for our girl Brittannui (pronounced «Brittany»). I know I made t-shirts that said «Brittannui’s Surprise Party 2016: The Flamingo Has Landed!» (It’s an inside joke, you wouldn’t get it.) I was just trying to help! I know it wasn’t the best idea to wear it around Brittanui three weeks before the party, but the shirt wasn’t necessarily about her! Do you know how many other Brittanuis there are out there? The answer is four. Four other Brittanuis.

Coca-Cola to begin selling «alcopop» in Japan, its first alcoholic beverage in 125 years


Here’s what my uncle used to do: he’d crack open a can of Wild Cherry Pepsi, pour out about half of it, and fill it back up with rum. That way, he could walk around getting tanked and no one could call him on it because, what? Is he not allowed to drink soda? But I could always tell when he was drinking at family gatherings — when he’s sober, he could talk about all the money he lost investing in Beanie Babies, he can hold back the tears.

Anyway, Coca-Cola is going to start selling alcoholic soda in Japan, which will save my uncle a step if he ever goes to Japan.

Eminem’s «Lose Yourself» becomes one of only a handful of songs to EVER go Diamond


After selling over 10 million units in just the United States, Eminem’s «Lose Yourself», the hip-hop song that famously introduced the world to Em’s mom’s spaghetti, has become one of fewer than 20 songs in history to be certified «Diamond» by the RIAA (I guess they’re the ones who keep track of this sort of thing?). That officially makes «Lose Yourself» one of the best-selling songs of all time.

And I just want to say to Eminem — you’re welcome. I helped you achieve this feat by illegally downloading that song on both my Macs.

Lost pilot Amelia Earhart’s bones possibly identified


Bones found in 1940 on a western Pacific Ocean island were analyzed, and University of Tennessee anthropologist Richard Jantz believes they are likely the remains of aviator Amelia Earhart, who mysteriously disappeared while circumnavigating the globe in 1937.

This is devastating news for Amelia, because a mysterious death is basically the only way to keep people talking about you after you die. Think about Biggie, Tupac, Natalie Wood, and Marilyn Monroe. Without the “unsolved” factor behind Amelia’s disappearance, who will ever talk about her again? Tragic. Let’s hope those celebrity deaths will remain unsolved, for the sake of their families.

Amazon’s Alexa is just, like, laughing for no reason, and it’s creepy as hell


Over the last couple of weeks, people have taken to Twitter to complain that their Echo device’s personal assistant AI, Alexa, has been unexpectedly and creepily laughing at them. Amazon has basically said it was just a bug they’re working to fix, but I disagree.

I think Alexa is doing that thing I see so many people do at parties: laughing in an attempt to join a conversation they weren’t invited into. It is so irritating when I’m in the middle of a circle, telling a joke, and someone lurks over and starts laughing. I know they didn’t hear the joke, because if they did, they wouldn’t be laughing. I only tell inside jokes.

Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez are reportedly «taking a break»… AGAIN


For, like, the 800th time, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez announced they’re breaking off their relationship. And they’ll probably get back together in the next, I don’t know, 10 minutes?

First of all, SelGo and Biebs, please take me off the group text. I just can’t with you two anymore. Second, will one of you just murder the other already? (I know that sounds harsh, but it’s an inside joke between me and Selena and Biebs. You wouldn’t get it.)

What do you think my coffee maker was doing beeping? Like, what was that all about? Let us know on Twitter @Smosh!

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