Guys, big news: Smosh is going international. Every Blank Ever, which you may know as your favorite Smosh series, is getting new life thanks to Comedy Central UK.

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Since we couldn’t ship Shayne and Olivia to London, these new Every Blank Ever episodes will have a new cast of British comedians and will be available on the Comedy Central UK YouTube channel.

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The first three episodes, Every Health Kick, Every Bleep Ever, and Every Office Ever, will be available starting on January 10th

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But wait, this isn’t just for the United Kingdom. These new Every Blank Ever episodes will be available online in over 45 countries, including most of Central and South America, most of Western Europe, and Southeast Asia and Polynesia. Oh, and freakin’ Mongolia. We’re on in Mongolia! 

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Unfortunately, like socialized healthcare, these new videos for non-United States people only. Americans will have to make do with the existing Every Blank Ever episodes

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