So many celebrities dye their hair that it’s more rare to see one who doesn’t. But every now and then, a celebrity is so associated with a certain hair color, it’s a shock to find out it isn’t their natural hue. All hair colors are beautiful, but sometimes a change in color is what it takes for someone’s looks to really pop. Here are nine celebrities who made it big after dyeing their hair.

1) Emma Stone

Emma Stone<br />

Emma Stone is a natural blonde but says she feels most like herself with red hair. She dyed her hair red before her breakout hit Superbad before going blonde for her role as Gwen Stacy, but the red hair just looks more natural on her.

2) Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe jpg

Marilyn is the most famous blonde of all time, but she didn’t become blonde until the age of 19. Born Norma Jeane Mortenson and a natural brunette, her original looks and name had a sweet innocence to them. That sexy new look, on the other hand, made her the most famous woman of the 20th century.

3) Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel<br />

Zooey is famous for her dark hair and bangs, but her natural hair color is actually the blonde hue she sported in Elf. She looks cute either way, but the dark hair goes with the quirky personality that made her a superstar.

4) Dita Von Teese

Von Teese jpg

Who would Dita be without her glamorous dark hair? She’s a natural blonde with California girl looks and a name to match — Heather Sweet. She started dyeing her hair dark as a teenager because it felt more authentic to her personality.

5) Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball jpg

Lucille Ball is one of the most famous redheads in history, but she’s a natural brunette. Ball was a model and bit player actress in her younger years and didn’t find a way to stand out until she dyed her hair flaming red to match her fiery personality and landed her show I Love Lucy.

6) Rita Hayworth

Rita Hayworth<br />

‘40s movie star Rita Hayworth was born Margarita Cansino. She changed her name, dyed her black hair auburn, and even got electrolysis to change her hairline. It’s unfortunate that in the ‘40s a Latina had to make herself appear whiter in order to hit the big time, but it worked, and she became one of the most successful, beloved actresses of the decade.

7) Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry<br />

It’s hard to front a band called «Blondie» as a brunette. Debbie Harry is known for her blonde hair with brown streaks underneath, but the brown is her natural color. She says she started the blonde/brown mix because she dyed her own hair and didn’t think she could do the back.

8) Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks jpg

Can you imagine Joan Holloway without her red hair? The actor who played the famous Mad Men secretary, Christina Hendricks, is a natural blonde but started dyeing her own hair red in 4th grade after seeing Anne of Green Gables. She said red hair made her finally feel like herself. She went back to blonde for a Clairol hair dye ad that ended up being banned for misleading marketing — it claimed one box dye job turned her hair from red to blonde when it actually took weeks.

9) Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani<br />

Gwen Stefani has been loyal to her platinum blonde hair and red lips for decades now. The super-blonde look helped make her a mega star first with No Doubt and then on her own. But if you look at her high school years, you see she’s a natural brunette who started highlighting her hair young and never looked back.

Are there any celebrities who hit it big after dyeing their hair that I missed? Were you surprised by any of these stars’ natural color? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!

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