I had a weird dream when I was a kid that I would never learn to drive because I hoped that, by the time I was 16, I’d be so famous I’d always be chauffeured to set. This, to put it mildly, did not happen. But it did happen for many other celebrities, of whom I will be eternally jealous, despite the fact that I actually like knowing how to operate a motor vehicle. Here are seven celebrities who never learned to drive.

1. Barbara Walters

Greatest moment of my life.

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TV journalist Barbara Walters has managed to live 88 years on this planet without learning how to drive. When she was asked about it in an interview with Vogue, she replied, “Don’t try to analyze me; it’s just how it is.” That’s my new response any time my mom asks me why I don’t clean my room more often.

2. Lena Dunham

When you show up in the same dress sooo embarrassing

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Lena Dunham is from NYC, where everyone takes the subway instead of driving. Now she doesn’t learn because she thinks some people just aren’t meant to drive. I think if you have an inkling you might murder people behind the wheel, it’s best to take a Lyft.

3. Robbie Williams

British singer Robbie Williams — you guessed it — never learned to drive. New Yorkers have a reputation for not learning to drive, but Londoners have them beat. People in London don’t need driver’s licenses because they just take those red double-decker buses everywhere (or go by Tardis).

4. Lorde

Over the summer a clever Twitter user examined Lorde’s music CSI-style and came to the conclusion that Lorde doesn’t know how to drive. Lorde weighed in, and surprisingly confirmed the theory. Lorde doesn’t have a license yet, but she has whatever book you need to read to learn how to drive.

5. Ricky Gervais

Despite being the face of Audi (why?), Ricky Gervais doesn’t know how to drive and doesn’t want to. I looked up his Audi ads on YouTube and they all have him either sitting behind the wheel not moving or being driven by someone else and now I can’t stop laughing. I have no idea why you’d hire someone who can’t drive to be the spokesman for a car. That’s like making me the spokesman for basketballs.

6. Kate Beckinsale

Can anyone in London drive besides the double decker red bus drivers? Kate did want to drive at one time but she failed her written test and then gave up forever. Now her teenage daughter can drive, and presumably gives her mom a lift on occasion.

7. David Sedaris

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Writer David Sedaris didn’t eschew learning to drive a car because he was already famous or lived in a city with great public transportation like everyone else on our list — he didn’t learn to drive because he was paranoid that he would accidentally hit a kid. A very specific fear! He lived in North Carolina, where you really need to drive to get around places, so he just stayed home and that’s how he became such a great writer. See Mom? My crippling anxiety and fear of leaving my room CAN lead to success!

Am I the only one who had the dream of not learning to drive because I was too famous?? Anyone?? Why does Bella Thorne’s mom love her for than my mom loves me?? Tweet at me and let me know @erikaheidewald!

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