Sh*t happens and sometimes things slip through the cracks. That being said, I love finding movie mistakes. It’s like a more advanced and less consistent Where’s Waldo? Here are some movie mistakes found by one of our all-time favorite movie studios, Pixar:

1. Is that bag a shape-shifter?

mistake finding nemo

Here’s a continuity mistake for you. Initially, when the dentist puts Nemo in a bag, it’s a Ziploc. BUT when he finally catches him, it’s changed to a normal plastic bag that he knots at the top.

2. Did a wizard make that drinking fountain?

mistake finding dory

As you’ll learn, continuity errors are pretty common in animation with hundreds of different artists at work. Here in Finding Dory, we have a drinking fountain that magically appears between shots.

3. Is 0112 a teleporter?

mistake monsters inc

The big reveal that 0001 of the CDA is Roz BLEW MY MIND AS A CHILD. What blew my mind as an adult was seeing that 0112 seemed to be able to be in two places at ONCE.

4. Does that outlet have the power of invisibility?

mistake toy story

In the bedroom of serial-killer-in-the-making Sid, there is an electrical outlet on the wall below the window. Obviously when Sid closes in to burn Woody’s forehead with a magnifying glass, the outlet disappears.

5. That gum is definitely The Flash. Like, for sure

mistake toy story 2

When the toys are crossing the street beneath orange traffic cones, Mr. Potato Head steps in gum and barely manages to escape being crushed to pieces by an immense rolling sewer pipe. While one could argue that this mistake could be the result of camera angle, I stand by the evidence that shows the gum’s changing position.

What Pixar movie mistakes have you noticed? Let me know on Twitter!

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