We’ve all been there — you start the spring semester of your senior year of school, and you are officially over it. You’ve spent years in that school, shed blood, sweat, and tears (probably publicly), and now that you can see the finish line, you’re just ready to be done with it all. That reaction makes sense of course, but it can lead to a disease called senioritis, which can actually destroy your chances of make it to that finish line. Here are a few of the symptoms of the disease and how to combat them.

You’re Counting Down the Days


You probably have an app on your phone telling you exactly how much time is left until graduation, because you just can’t wait. But obsessive much? While you’re busy counting, you’re going to miss out on so many of the joys of being a senior. If you’re in high school, there’s prom, senior pranks, and pizza day in the cafeteria. And if you’re in college, there’s so much drinking to be done. My advice is to… stop looking at your phone.

You Show up to Class Looking Like This


I get it, why put in the effort when you can… not? People have seen how hot you are for the past four years — they get it. As someone who’s been living in the same leggings for the past month, I’m not judging you. But trust me, no one thinks this is cute. You look dusty, and you probably smell the same way. You’re going to have to be prepared to do adult things like get dressed in the morning, so this is good practice. My advice is — and it pains me to say this — but put some pants on.

Your Never Come to Class


It’s true that in college especially, it’s possible not show up to around 90 percent of class sessions and still pass. But it’s not very good strategy. When you show up for the final (please show up for the final) you’ll need to at least recognize your classmates, the classroom, and your professor to ensure you’re in the right place. My advice would be to show up at least once a month, preferably around holidays: your professor might bring holiday candy or ever let you out early.

You’ve Already Decorated Your Graduation Cap


This might seem harmless, but trust me, that meme that you thought was hilarious in January might not be what you want your grandma who just flew in from Florida to see in May. It’s less commitment than a tattoo, but it is something you’ll remember. My advice is to wait, and pick the Beyoncé quote that is truly fitting for the occasion.

You Always Sleep in Class

This is for when you do actually show up. You probably also haven’t done the homework or studied for the test, and you’re probably currently trying to get you biology group to put your name on the group project (Janet is pissed you haven’t shown up to any meetings at her house, by the way). Don’t do this — if you fail your classes, you won’t actually graduate. It seems like a simple concept, but it’s very easy to forget. My advice: show up to Janet’s meetings and stay awake in class.

You think you’ll instantly be successful in a few months, so nothing matters


This is the easiest one to succumb to. Now that you’re educated and your bright future is ahead, it’s easy to assume your life will fall into place come graduation. However, I can tell you from experience that it will not. There will still be a lot of work and learning to do from here on out. I know, this is what you took out loans for? But yeah, it is. It’s all a part of your journey, and you should know that it doesn’t end in January. My advice: keep working as hard as you’ve worked for the past four years for the rest of your life.

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