It seemed liked the entire world, or at least the entire internet, rejoiced and did a collective twerk this past week when rapper Cardi B’s «Bodak Yellow» finally reached the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. It was an iconic moment, most notably because it was the first time that a female rapper had a solo record hit number one in 19 years. But it also marked yet another moment for the internet to come together and take down Taylor Swift. Now don’t get me wrong, T-Swift has some hits and watching a petty, rich white woman is one of my guilty pleasures. But seeing Cardi B take that crown solidified her place as the new queen of the charts and as America’s new favorite petty superstar. In fact, I even think she’s better at it than Taylor Swift. Let me tell you why!

1. Feminism

Taylor Swift showed millennial girls that you don’t have to be a hairy-legged academic to be a feminist (groundbreaking, I know). But Taylor has built an empire out of sticking it to the dudes that wronged her and supporting other women. But while she does have very good intentions, many have pointed out that she has a tendency to only focus on women who are… white like her. In comes Cardi B, a former stripper who not only completely owns her sexuality, but hilariously uses phrases like «a h** never gets cold» on Instagram. Long before she was a chart topper, she was an Instagram phenomenon and gained popularity by taking about women’s issues from the point of view of a woman of color and someone who isn’t rich, showing girls that they can come from any walk of life and still be empowered.


2. Fashion

Cardi B blue dress
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When it comes to fashion, Taylor has been known for her extremely chic red carpet looks, and also for having a weird thing about never exposing her belly button. Look it up, she’s worn a million crop tops and even bathing suits and we still don’t know if she has an inny or an outy. But since she’s disappeared from the public eye to again plot her revenge on Kanye West, it’s been Cardi B that has become fashion’s it girl. She recently showed up to Rihanna’s Diamond Ball in a beautiful Christian Sirano gown looking like a literal princess. But when she’s not rocking designer clothing, she’s talking about how her dress is from Fashion Nova, her shoes are from Forever 21, and her jewelry is from a Jamaican guy on 121 street. Cardi will look amazing in the most affordable looks, and have you feeling she’s one of those models on talk shows when they do those «Get these Celebrity Looks for yourself» segments. She’s a fashion icon we can actually dress like.


3. Celebrity Friends

Taylor Swift has redefined the word «squad» as a group of model-esque women who star in each other’s music videos and spend the 4th of July partying in an Instagram-worthy beach house. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m dying for an invite too. And let’s not forget about all of Tay Tay’s famous boyfriends – Harry, Jake, John, Tom, Calvin, that Kenny boy. All hot. So Taylor has a long list of celebrity friends and boos, but Cardi takes the friend-cake for one reason: Beyoncé. Queen Bey actually came to one of Cardi’s concerts specifically to meet her and even took a picture with Cardi where she actually touched her. That’s an honor. Dozens of celebs have come out as huge fans of Cardi, especially her boyfriend Offset, a member of the rap group Migos. Cadi’s got her own celeb friend group going strong, and with the beyhive behind her, she’s the new definition of #squadgoals.


4. Beefs

Cardi B Azealia
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Taylor has had her fair share of beefs, from the infamous Kanye incident to the time she got into it with Tina Fey and Amy Pohler. You have to admit, that’s impressive. And in the past, she’s handled them pretty well. Taylor’s literally won Grammys for her clapbacks and infamously looks so surprised when the presenter calls her name. But lately things haven’t gone so smoothly. Most notably, when she feuded with Kanye over his song «Famous», she was instantly shut down when Kim Kardashian posted videos of Taylor on SnapChat that proved she was lying. When did Taylor get this sloppy? But recently, when Cardi B was confronted by Azealia Banks, who dissed «Bodak Yellow», she swiftly posted a video of Banks dancing to the song in the past, and thanked her for helping make it number one. Savage. Cardi is now the queen of staying unbothered.


5. She’s Just Regular

To sum things up, Taylor will forever be a force. She’s fashionable, everyone’s friend in their head, and a hit-maker, but there’s a new girl in town named Cardi who is all of that too. I would argue that Cardi is going to keep that crown, though, since she’s got that relatable, genuine, «regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx» thing going that we all see ourselves in and root for. She’s here to stay.


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