Did you just get dumped? Or have you just shattered someone else’s world? Either way, you have feels. Here are tweets that will give you more feels along the lines of your current feels.

1. We’ve all been there

2. Swap 1D for that song that reminds of you of your ex

3. More gym memberships are sold post breakup than in January

4. Lol at the simplicity, but yes… so true

5. Mm hmm

6. Damn Daisy, speaking the realness

7. Uh oh, the waterworks cometh

8. You guys, I’m in a happy relationship and STILL this got to me

9. Whoof, this hit hard

10. Let’s lighten the mood

11. When I read this, I hear Oprah

12. *Sigh*

13. Tap tap tap. Busy, not broken

14. This could apply to me and now I’m scared

15. Uh…

16. Time to lighten again. It’s getting too real

17. My hate is limitless!

18. Where we all end up

Working through a break-up? Thinking about your hot bod post breakup and wondering if your happy, healthy relationship was holding you back from a six-pack? As they don’t say on Game of Thrones, summer is coming. Wanna talk break-ups? Tweet me @AndiHester.

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